All classes are once a week.  Contemporary dance is a style of expressive dance. It emerged in the 1950’s as a dance form that combines modern dance elements with those of classical ballet. Often, contemporary utilizes floor work and is performed in bare foot. Contemporary dance strives to connect the mind and body through fluid dance movement. From September to December classes work on open house material to be presented to parents at the studio in December. Competitive Classes will attend three competitions in the spring season. All classes take part in pictures and the year-end recital. You must be registered in a ballet and lyrical class to be placed in this class.


  • Bare feet
  • Fitted dance clothes
  • Hair neatly off face


NOTE: All competitive students MUST be registered in mandatory ballet class as well as the corresponding technique/exam class in order to take a competitive class (although students are not required to take the Exam if they choose not to). In order to take competitive contemporary, you must take the associated competitive lyrical class.

Opportunity to be a part of extra competition pieces such as Solos, Duets, Trios and Production are available, however students MUST be registered in the corresponding group class and have regular attendance in all classes in order to be considered. 

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