looked at the thousands of beasts, almost all over the valley, a wolf, leopard, lion, tiger, and so he can not tell the beast. He Baoquan on the beasts said Liu Zhengyu thank you for your help. A beast snake body of the beast said I wait for the mountains to practice, to deal with the Devil, the guardian of the Valley is such a moment I should do their duty. Less master, the enemy vanguard generals cloud sway has brought more than six thousand war soldiers away from here less than thirty kilometers. Liu Zhengyu suddenly appeared around a green man of yellow hair. Master, I would.like to bring the beast to go, so that the front of the Pingshan concave into the burial of six thousand people. War wolf Road. Well, the wolves are all more careful. Yes, the master. Wolves waved, surrounded by numerous beasts, with his Pentium away. Cloud wandering road Wusheng practice, is one of the generals of the light Zhong, as the vanguard general, his main purpose is to spy on military intelligence, test the CASP it exam local combat effectiveness, when necessary to retreat, waiting for the army behind. Clouds swaying in the war on the side of a pair of arrogant said Liu Chengyuan has been CASP to the end of the crossbow, maybe ranging from the arrival of the army, we can win. Cloud generals martial arts, let Liu Chengyuan no matter how powerful, I believe will not hold for too long. Vice will slip to be said. Ha ha ha cloud CompTIA Certification swiftly laughed. At t.h

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CAS-002 CompTIA Advanced Security Practitioner (CASP) CompTIA CASP